GoStudySpain: Why not to book with us

ustedtu- image by aprenderanuestroaire.blogspot.comYou may have just done a double take upon seeing the title of this blog post. Perhaps you’re wondering why it’s not phrased as a question. The reason is simple– we wish to let prospective students know from the start what to expect in terms of expense, quality, and content of the all-inclusive programs offered by GoStudySpain.

Quite honestly, high-end all-inclusive programs can be expensive- but for good reason. Understanding what you’ll be paying for can be helpful when making the decision whether to opt for an all-inclusive service or plan your own trip. Aside from offering quality service, they also offer peace of mind for the unseasoned traveller. However, you must ask yourself whether this is the best option for you.

Planning your stay and assessing costs

All-inclusive packages can range from €3700 for a 4-week intensive course, to €20,995 for a 4-term Spanish Language & Culture course. Certainly not a minor investment for most. If it is within your means and you are looking for a guided, fully-integrated experience with outstanding services and educational resources, then an all-inclusive package is the program for you. Study abroad program pricing includes a Pre-study Cultural Adaptation program, airport pickup, insurance, tuition fees, accommodation, excursions, activities, and full guidance and support from staff.

Nevertheless, if you are the type of person who loves to plan their own stay and doesn’t mind doing some solid research, then you might be better off organizing the trip yourself, more so if your budget is rather limited and you’d like to save money.

If you have friends in Spain, or have been there before and are already familiar with the surroundings, culture and people, then planning your own stay shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Campus and university

Booking and paying for a Spanish course at a university in Spain can be a difficult process. First of all, the administration staff may speak very little English, if any, and the response time and flexibility regarding payment options are not always very good. If your Spanish level is advanced or you know someone who speaks Spanish that can help you, this shouldn’t be a problem but otherwise you might prefer the complete booking service offered in all-inclusive programmes.

Upon arrival, navigating an unfamiliar campus can be confusing. All-inclusive programs provide assistance on the first day of the course, which includes getting to the campus from your accommodation, locating important areas and classrooms on campus, and obtaining your student card. ucm_campus_map_a- image by pendientedemigracion.ucm.es

Attending courses arranged through an all-inclusive program offers students another distinct advantage– not only are these courses excellent for all levels and a variety of students, the credits earned are transferable to your own university. An all-inclusive programme includes assistance with the transfer, as well as managing all the Spanish university paperwork so you can concentrate on your learning experience.

If you are better off planning your course enrolment independently for financial reasons, or just for the sake of the experience, you can find all information on enrolment, registration and student cards on the university’s website. If you don’t want to be late on your first day of classes, spend the day before exploring the campus, university and surroundings and familiarise yourself with all the admin procedures that you’ll have to go through, perhaps by asking a secretary or students’ officer.



All-inclusive programs also offer a variety of housing options. For example, those who want a truly authentic experience can opt to stay with a Spanish host family (single room and board included). You can also choose to live in a shared student flat (a single room in a larger flat shared with other students) or in some cities a student residence. If you prefer independence and privacy, students have the option to stay in a studio or a small apartment (by request, additional fee applies).

However, if you take a few weeks to find accommodation by yourself, without any assistance, this should be enough time to find something suitable for your needs. You’ll have to take some things into consideration, such as whether you’ll be sharing an apartment with flatmates, or whether you want to live by yourself in a studio apartment. If you’re planning to share an apartment you have two options: either find an apartment and then post an ad at the university letting people know that you are looking for flatmates; or, you can save yourself the time it takes to find an apartment and move in with students who have already rented a flat and have a spare room available. Both options involve arriving in Spain a few weeks before the start of the course, to give yourself some time to find appropriate accommodation.

Cultural activities

On the one hand, part of what makes an all-inclusive language study in Spain so worthwhile is the wide variety of cultural activities and social opportunities included in such programs. Many arrange trips throughout Spain complete with guides, transportation, and entrance fees for attractions, as well as day trips and guided tours. To add to your experience, some also hold dinner parties at local Spanish restaurants and night-time tours that introduce you to your host city’s finest establishments. Day trips and guided tours include cultural activities. There is a wide variety of activities to choose from in Spain, from museums to amusement parks– even flamenco dancing! flamenco-screenshot2- image by infinitoproductions.com

On the other hand, if you already have friends in Spain, by the time you settle in, they will probably have introduced you to the Spanish culture by taking you out to see what this stunning country has to offer. Or, maybe you don’t fancy attending cultural events, preferring instead to spend some time by yourself, soaking up the beauty of your surroundings and the local heritage, having sangria and taking some memorable pictures.

Either way, Spain is a country that you will fall in love with. It will be ‘love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight’ (Vladimir Nabokov).