Barcelona – A ‘Must Visit’ City for the Student of Spanish

Barcelona Tour Bus- image by www.goworldtravelguide.comWhether via the song by Queen, football, holidays or purely out of interest, we’ve all heard of Barcelona and, situated in the north-east of Spain, this city is a beauty to behold.  It boasts culture, architecture, nightlife and well, basically, something for everyone.

This coastal city has been touched by the Visigoths, Muslims and Carthaginians.  Around the ninth century, the Christians defeated the Muslims and then the Catalans moved into Barcelona.  This region of Spain is known as Catalonia and the language is Catalán, a very distinct language which is unlike the national version of Castilian Spain.  While this language was banned for many years, it made a historical come back and is now classed as the first language amongst its people.

One cannot help but be enraptured by the exquisite architecture of Gaudi.  Born in Reus in 1852, he qualified as an architect in 1878 and his designs found their roots not in copying other architects’ work but in nature.  He loved using vibrant colours and his works of art include the Sagrada Familia (a giant basilica), Park Güell (a magical park) and Casa Batlló, a very unusual but intriguing sagrada familia- image by

Many tourists head for Las Ramblas, a famous boulevard which cuts through the city.

Almost one mile in length, Las Ramblas is a constant hive of activity, well into the early hours.  Along this beautiful walkway, pedestrians rule, though there are three metro stops to allow those passing through to enjoy the whole of the city.

Barcelona enjoys the Mediterranean sunshine and on its three miles (4.2 kilometers) of beaches, situated only ten minutes from the city centre, one is guaranteed sun most of the year and what could be better than that?  But there are also so many other things to do, including enjoying the Catalán cuisine, local cocktails, the churches, its arty side and enjoying music in the beautiful Gran Teatre del Liceu, a concert hall which boasts red carpets, gold leaf decoration and ornate carvings.

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In Barcelona, the student of Spanish will be soaked in a way of life that keeps you on go.  Not only will you be dedicating yourself to your language study, you’ll also be mesmerised by this city’s distinct style.  While the language may not be Castilian, finding your accommodation through a company such as GoStudySpain would guarantee that, during your stay, you will comfortably access the Spanish language at its best.  Accommodation can be shared accommodation with other students, personal accommodation, or staying with a host family, the last option enriching your stay with access to your very reason for being there.

Being a major city in Spain, air, train and bus routes will make travelling a pleasure and, with the A7 motorway, which travels from near the French border, down the east coast and along the south coast to as far as Algeciras (near Gibraltar), any form of transport will ensure that a lot could be learnt about Spain during your stay.

Before you make a decision as to which city is the best for your language experience, do your own personal research on the internet and look for those things personal to you.  Are they easy to locate, do they meet your needs and will life in Barcelona give you that ‘feel good’ factor?