Arranging your own Spanish course in Spain vs booking a package deal

universities_0At GoStudySpain, we provide the full package deal for your study trip to Spain: the Spanish course, your accommodation, airport pickup and transfers, travel and medical insurance, 24-hour emergency assistance and even the use of a Spanish mobile phone, as well as extra-curricular activities. We really have thought of everything! Accommodation is half-board, therefore the only things you need to cover are lunch and whatever you spend in your free time.


No stress

As we take care of absolutely everything, you do not need to worry about a thing. This is especially useful if you have a lot of university work and hardly any time or energy to arrange your semester abroad. Our support extends to during and even after the trip- if there is anything you need do not hesitate to contact us. It may be daunting to arrange visas and sort out paperwork, but as we take care of all this, it’s a load off your hands. We also include a pre-study program orientation which will help you to get settled in to your new surroundings.

Our experience

We are a Spanish company located in Spain- our knowledge of the country is extensive. With over 10 years of experience in Spanish language courses and having served over 8000 clients, we fully understand the study abroad process. We can advise you on which of the four cities we offer would suit you, and can arrange suitable extra-curricular activities.

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Emergency assistance

We provide you with 24-hour emergency assistance; should anything go wrong, we are here to guide you in any emergency that may arise- be it health-related, lost or stolen possessions, etc. We are based in Spain and so can offer close proximity.



As we feel that honesty is the best policy, we admit that our package deal does work out slightly more expensive than if you book and arrange everything yourself. However, this takes time and effort, and may prove difficult if you do not understand Spanish bureaucracy or the visa processes, or if you don’t have a good enough grasp of Spanish. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our quality: we offer the best Spanish language courses at the top Spanish universities and provide support and assistance at every step of the program. You get what you pay for, and the package is worth every penny.

Less choice

As we provide a package deal, you are limited in your options. If you do not require, for example, extracurricular activities, they will be included as part of the program anyway. Another example is that you cannot choose accommodation (while you do get a choice of living with a host family, in a student residence or in a studio apartment, you don’t get to choose where these are located or who you will live with). As it is a package, everything is included- whether you need or want it or not.


Some people may feel that arranging their semester abroad by themselves is more of a learning experience. For example, negotiating paperwork and finding accommodation for yourself are all part of the challenges of moving abroad.  As we organise this all for you, it may be less of an independent challenge to go abroad.

A package deal is worthwhile if this is your first time studying abroad, and especially if you are not an advanced Spanish speaker. However, if you speak Spanish well, want your own particular needs catered to and feel up to the challenge, go ahead and plan your own personalised experience. But just think how much less stressful it is to opt for a package deal- especially one as top-quality as ours.