Studying Spanish in Spain on a scholarship: how to save money

save_money- image by centurybizsolutions.netIf you want to study Spanish in Spain but are concerned about the costs involved, there are many ways you can save money. Of course, you can apply to your home institution or university for a scholarship, or perhaps even look online for organizations that offer students grants and scholarships. We at GoStudySpain offer two ways to cut costs and make your trip more affordable.

All-inclusive VIP packages

We offer all-inclusive VIP packages, which include course fees, accommodation, airport pick-up, travel and health insurance, as well as extras such as the use of a mobile phone, a pre-study orientation program and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Our packages include half-board, so once you arrive in Spain, the only thing you will need to fund is your lunch and any personal spending or activities.


The cost of living in Spain varies widely throughout the country. As a genHistoric_regions_of_Spain_-_labeled- image by en.wikipedia.orgeral rule, the South is cheaper than the North. Of the four study destinations we at GSS offer, Madrid and Barcelona are expensive, whereas Salamanca and Malaga are considerably cheaper. For those on a tight budget, Malaga is a wise choice, as it is the most inexpensive destination of the four- the average meal can cost as little as €7, and a night out shouldn’t set you back more than between €10-15 (including cover and drinks). Most of its attractions such as the Alcazaba, Gibralforo castle and the Picasso Museum are free on Sunday afternoons.

Cash swap

Although our packages are all-inclusive, if you intend to live on a budget whilst here in Spain then we can offer you the opportunity to swap some of the extracurricular activities included in the package for cash once you arrive in the country. You can spend the money as you choose, and it can be of great help when covering personal costs. Contact us for further information.

Our scholarship

Don’t forget that in addition to the above, we offer a scholarship of up to €500. All you have to do is create a short video, accompanied by a short essay and a few photos and submit it to us- simple! We will use your material for marketing purposes and in return you will receive money to help fund your trip. Click here for further details.

So as you can see, studying Spanish in Spain needn’t be an overly expensive experience. If you choose your location wisely and take advantage of our scholarships you will find that it can be within your budget.