Getting a Scholarship to study Spanish in Spain

If you want to study Spanish in Spain but are worried about where the money will come from, you could try applying for a scholarship. Your first port of call will be your local college or university, as most now offer the opportunity for students to study abroad.  Certain criteria will allow you to be considered for this type of financial help (e.g. financial circumstances, background or academic achievements) and, if you decide to go down this route, you must apply well in advance of your desired dates. The beauty of the scholarship route is that the money donated for your education does not have to be repaid and we at GoStudySpain can help you complete that scholarship application form, as our experience will help you supply the very best of information to increase your chance of success.

Cash swap

By taking on your study via a prepared package with us, we realise that studentsScholarship- image by can sometimes be strapped for cash and so we have a system of allowing you, as the student, to trade some of the components of the complete package you purchased for cash, allowing a little extra money in your pocket for needs that crop up.  Components of your package may include being picked up at the airport, the use of a mobile phone during your stay, accommodation, insurance and some free-time activities and so foregoing any of these will be met with a cash payment. Simply work out which components can be cashed in, without spoiling your whole experience.  For some, this may be the mobile phone whereas, for others, it could be giving up one or two of the free-time activities, or making one’s own way from the airport.


money bag- image by pixabay.comVia our scholarship, students can also earn €300 by providing us with a two-minute video plus a 500-word essay in the first couple of months of their educational stay and then, if the course lasts more than six months, a further €200 will be paid for a second video and essay. Prospective students are always interested in comments from those who have been there and done it, so supplying an early and then later view will cement people’s commitment to going down such a recommended route. These videos are excellent testimonials of the service given by us our committed staff at GSS and so the exchange of a little of your time and a display of your enthusiasm for those generous payments is a win-win situation.

Once you’ve completed your study package in Spain, you will be truly enlightened to not only the language but the culture and lifestyle as well and that commitment will greatly enhance your CV and your future job successes, both in your own country and in any Spanish-speaking ones.  Particularly within the union of the European countries and in the US, countries now having such mixed populations, that having a strong fluency in a second language has to be the way forward and, also with Spanish being the second most widespread language in the world, it has to be the right language to choose.