Why studying Spanish at a university in Spain will help you boost your career

se habla español- image by www.pinterest.comNowadays, the world we live in is becoming increasingly more interconnected; globalisation has ensured that boundaries between countries are gradually being broken down. In the world of business, there are more opportunities for those with knowledge of more than one language- proficiency in foreign languages can often lead to better job prospects and better pay.

Why study Spanish?

As the second most-spoken language worldwide, there is no doubt that the ability to speak Spanish is especially useful. Additionally, Spanish has official language status on five continents and is one of six official languages of the UN. Knowledge of Spanish introduces the possibility to work abroad in Hispanophone countries, which include some of the fastest-growing economies, for example certain Latin-American countries.

Why study in Spain?

Of course, you can choose to study Spanish in your home country; however, doing so abroad offers significant advantages. Studying Spanish in Spain ensures that you will not only learn the language, but develop a deep understanding of the culture, experience the authentic Spanish lifestyle and interact directly with Spanish people- things which cannot be learnt at home! It leads to an enhanced learning experience as you will be immersed in Spanish and therefore constantly learning even outside of class hours- whether watching TV, going shopping or taking public transport.

University or private school?

There are two options for studying Spanish in Spain: at a university, which is what we at GSS offer, or at a private school. Studying at a private school is a good choice for short-term language courses, and classes are often kept small and therefore are more personalised. A wide range of extracurricular activities is offered to students. However, if you are opting for long-term study, your circle of friends may constantly change as people come and go, and another drawback is that you will spend the majority of your time surrounded by other foreigners wanting to learn Spanish. Therefore, while studying at a Spanish university does also have its disadvantages, such as a lack of choice in extracurricular activities, it does look better on your CV to have studied at, say, the prestigious University of Salamanca, and it is the cheaper and more convenient option for long-term study. There are more chances to meet other Spanish students and do bear in mind that GoStudySpain does arrange extracurricular activities independently of the universities.

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Not only does a prestigious Spanish university look good on your CV, employers will also note that you have lived abroad. Nowadays, many people have a degree; therefore international experience will ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Living abroad demonstrates, among other things, that you are adaptable, independent, are able to survive outside of your comfort zone and can rise to challenges- things that you cannot always learn in a classroom.

Another way in which studying Spanish at a Spanish university is beneficial for your career is the fact that you will make contacts while abroad. Having Spanish friends and connections can be useful when trying to find either a job in Spain, or a job in your home country with a Spanish multinational company.

Furthermore, studying and living abroad improves your personal development- it makes you more resilient to independently go off and live abroad in a foreign country without knowing anyone there. It sounds scary but remember GSS have all the resources (such as an emergency helpline, airport pickups, etc.) to make it a safe experience and a smooth transition!

Possible careers involving languages

One career directly related to language learning is teaching: you could teach your native language in a Spanish-speaking country or perhaps teach Spanish in your home country. Interpreting and translating are also other careers that you could consider. A less obvious option would be to simply live abroad and work in whatever sector you are interested or educated in- languages are beneficial to any career.

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Taking all of the above into consideration, it is clear that studying at a Spanish university is far more than just a fun opportunity to learn Spanish- it actively enhances your employability and is a wise investment for your future.